Green Tea “Superfood” Has Major Health Benefits! Research shows that Green Tea has many health benefits. From Heart Disease, Cancer, Weight loss, Arthritis, to Infection …. drinking green tea can make a positive impact on your health. It is the polyphenols in green tea, especially those called EGCG that gives Green Tea is powerful healing antioxidant benefit. But Green Tea has Caffeine! That means drinking enough Green Tea to give you this benefit would have a negative impact in the form of anxiety. However, Vibe 2.0 from Eniva gives you the EGCG equivalent of 5 cups of Green Tea in just one ounce of Vibe, without the caffeine. Research conducted at the Linus Pauling Institute shows that Vibe has DNA protective benefits. Could it be from the Green Tea? Well likely that is a part of it…but Vibe is chock full of additional nutrients as well. Vibe 2.0 even has Acai Berry for that smooth Berry Flavor. Try Vibe for yourself and see how you feel. You won’t regret it! We haven’t! We’ve taken Vibe for 4 years now and we’ll never be without it. If you would like additional information feel free to visit our blog or call us…we’d be glad to answer any of your questions. Call Darlene or Doug 502-363-0101Create Free 30 Second Videos With Animoto Eniva, Vibe, Liquid, Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrition, anti-aging, ADHD, Allergies, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, anxiety, Autism, Back & Joint Pain, Bi-Polar, Cancer, Cholesterol, Chronic Fatigue, Colds and Flu, Diabetes, Diverticulosis, Eczema, Energy

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