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Green Tea : The Most Beneficial Herbal Tea

Green tea is a variety of herbal tea made with the leaves of Camellia sinensis. This type of tea came into existence from China. It has become increasingly common in the market today. Being used for centuries in both China and Japan, green tea is globally in demand to provide major health benefits. Traditionally, green […]


The Chinese Tea Secrets

As connoisseur of teas, whether real or herbal, a sample of the all natural, organic oolong tea was a refreshing change. A trip to the local coffee house gave me the opportunity to try this Asian delight. The taste was smooth with a small bitter aftertaste that can be remedied by a small splash of […]


The Benefits of Herbal Tea and Fruit Infusions

Most people are aware generally of the health benefits of herbal tea. The many vitamins and minerals contained in plants, especially when brewed into a liquid form, can provide essential nutritional support for the human body. The idea of adding fruit infusions to herbal tea only multiplies the possible benefits within a brewed concoction.Herbal tea […]

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