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White Tea, Healthy Tea

Do you think tea suits only Indians and Chinese? Do you avoid tea simply because coffee is easier to make? It’s time to do some serious tea thinking then! In contrast to popular belief in some countries, research shows that tea has many health benefits. It boosts immunity and has cancer fighting properties. Therefore, a […]


How Green Tea and Weight Loss Go Together

All successful weight loss programs have need of the same two fundamental elements. To lose weight, the body must use less fuel and burn more energy. The connection between green tea and weight loss consists in the achievement of both of these goals. “Filling up” with tea diminishes the possibility of eating or drinking something […]


A Cup Of Tea For Major Health Benefits

Not many people know that the humble cup of tea can have so many beneficial qualities to offer your health and well being. Much is written about green tea and the antioxidants it contains that help you fight aging and slow down the onset of fatal diseases. But there are other teas that help you […]

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