Why Is White Tea Good For You?

Everyone has heard of green and black tea, but white tea is a bit less common.  Hailing from the same plant but processed differently one has to ask, why is white tea good for you?

White tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant, the same plant that gives you green tea, Oolong tea and black tea.  So you’d think that all these teas would taste the same, but it is the oxidation or fermentation process that makes the difference in color as well as taste.

The oxidation process is basically the way the leaves are dried.  Sometimes called fermentation, this can be confusing as most people associate this with fermenting wine where sugar is involved.  However, there is no sugar or other substance involved when it comes to tea.

White tea is actually dried by steaming the immature leaves that are harvested before the buds open and then air drying them.  Unlike other tea processes, they are not rolled or crushed.  The result is that the enzymes inside the leaves are never exposed to air.  The leaves are then slow roasted and lose about 95% of their moisture.

This makes for a tea that has almost no caffeine and is very light in color as well as taste.  It has a woody taste like leaves or grass.  One of the popular white teas is Ceylon White that comes from Sri Lanka, but white tea is made in China and India as well

With this major difference in processing from it’s healthy cousin green tea, one might wonder just why is white tea good for you?

Well, it is in fact this difference that makes it good for you.  You see, the processing of the tea actually leaves the tea closer to the way it is in nature, thus it has even more polyphenols, then other teas.  In fact, studies suggest that it might even be healthier for you than green tea.  This tea has both anti viral and anti bacterial properties and may stimulate the immune system even more than green or black tea and the added polyphenols give it even more ammunition to fight more cancer causing cells.

It is also rich in fluoride that can help prevent tooth decay.

Another reason why white tea is good for you is that it is lower in caffeine.  With only 15 mg per serving, you can drink a lot more of it and still keep your caffeine consumption to moderate amounts.  Black tea has a whopping 40 mg per serving and green tea has 20 mg.

Green Rooibos – Something that green tea lover wouldn’t want to miss

How green is the natural Rooibos frozen and fresh, has more healing properties. The lack of oxidation of tea leaves with very high in vitamin C. You do not dip the tea made with hot water, as this process destroys the vitamin.The amount of antioxidants and flavonoids are also much higher than the red variety of the plant, Rooibos. After the health benefits of green Rooibos has increased over Rooibos red.Other nutrient content of Rooibos, remain unchanged. Thus, Green Rooibos is still a rich source of minerals and trace elements. In fact, it has much more antioxidants of green tea.

Rooibos Tea is a unique natural plant the CedarbergMountains of South Africa. During the summer months harvesting the plants fermented Rooibos and dried in the laboratory of nature. On pure mineral water, fresh air and causes the heat of the sun Africa, changing from green to red mahogany Green Tea Rooibos. It’s rich in many natural elements – to give you a delicious elixir that would grow to love, and enjoyed by people from South Africa generations. By the 18th century botanists have regained enjoyed for generations, the natural sweetness of them – unaware of the amazing powers of this wonder of nature, nor the wide range of applications, we can find.

Relax until after nearly 200 years, in 1968, when South African mother, Annique Theron, the therapeutic benefits of such facilities and the ability to calm and stumbled her baby. Annique went to investigate and document the health benefits of spectacular. He made the discovery with others and shares the good news of Mother Nature’s lullaby. Today, the only effect of this remarkable plant review have been scientifically tested and proven to be beneficial, not only children but also for all age groups.Rooibos first as the wild growing more linearis Aspalathus was the plants by cutting them with axes and bruised with hammers, fermented in heaps, before drying in the sun harvest.

Today, the basic method Rooibos production from planting to harvesting is essentially unchanged.However, the crops are not harvested from the wild. In addition, production methods and more sophisticated engineering. Large improvements in production technology and strict quality care now for a quality product every step of the journey from seed to finished product. Approximately 18 months after planting seedlings, is ripe and harvested. The plants are harvested once a year in summer. Cut Rooibos is bound in bundles and milled to a uniform length then bruised between rollers to cause significant chemical process (fermentation), which gave the characteristic yellow color, and characteristic flavor and sweet aroma of Rooibos.

After fermentation of Rooibos is spread thinly in a large drying yards under the hot sun of South Africa, having sucked dry by a special vacuum. At this stage the product is generally referred to as tea farm said. The Rooibos Limited, we are kind and quality of the product according to the length, color and taste.

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